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3 minute video from World Land Trust

This 3 minute video from World Land Trust gives some background on their campaign, a project we endorse and support at Elephant Approved, to widen an existing elephant corridor in India. The matching campaign is over, but you can still support their efforts by purchasing Elephant Approved products or by contributing directly to WLT/WTI, via the information included in this video - 

*One additional bit of information regarding this and similar projects - work that benefits a keystone species or a flagship species generally benefits a wide range of other species as well, just as protecting a habitat protects wildlife in general. We've referred to this as an "Elephant Corridor" but this particular will benefit a broad array of wildlife species, including tigers.

(author: Harry Peachey)

Elephant Approved T-shirts

Just crazy about this photo showing our t-shirts in progress at Empire Tattoo in Newark, OH.  Our good friend Ian set us up and we couldn't be happier!  The t-shirts turned out beautifully (photos coming soon!)  and they are super soft too!!  We love having local relationships and let me tell you they have an awesome printing setup there!  We will be getting more t-shirts for sure and we are getting excited thinking about our next designs...

Tshirt production at Empire Tattoo

Elephant Approved™ is on Facebook!

Great news!  Elephant Approved™ has its own facebook page.  This is so exciting because it gives all of you a venue to receive up to the minute news and updates on this vital journey we have embarked on.  Please take a moment to LIKE us!  We appreciate your support and encouragement in this early stage of our initiative!

You can find the page here:


Elephant Approved™

Elephant Approved™

We are very excited and passionate about our new initiative we have named Elephant Approved™.  To learn about this program, visit our Elephant Approved™ page on our website or simply read this blog entry- since it is so important to us, we have presented here in full!  We will present news and updates as they become available so stay tuned.  We hope you will feel as passionate as we do about this very vital situation!

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