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New! Elephant Approved™ Kantha Quilts

We have these beautiful handmade Kantha quilts in our shop, Marmalade, in Blowing Rock and we just added them to our online shop as well!  Each one is handmade and one of a kind.  Made to fit a queen size bed (88"x100"), they are two layers hand stitched with Kantha stitching.  We have 14 gorgeous patterns and right now they are on sale!  So check them out HERE on our Elephant Approved™ Goods page.  The page will direct  you to our Amazon page to buy.

A portion of each quilt sale will be donated to Elephant Approved™.

Sourcing Sustainability

Selling tea and goodies generates waste. We use compostable hot and cold cups and lids, compostable straws, compostable forks and knives and plates made out of pressed leaves. Trying to help where we can, one sip at a time.

Retail location closing its doors in Alexandria

Our tea shop located in Alexandria Ohio will be closed as of March 25, 2017.  Although we will miss our community and all of our extraordinary customers, Petali Teas is growing and transforming. We are relocating to North Carolina and are looking forward to this exciting new chapter.   We will continue to provide our teas and accessories online.  Please feel free to contact us to place your orders.  We will be happy to answer any questions and help you find all of your favorite blends.  Our customers are part of our family and we hope to continue to hear from you!  Follow our FACEBOOK page for updates. We will continue to have new teas to introduce and wonderful new tea accessories to share.  And, of course, we will continue to share our journey with ELEPHANT APPROVED™.

Email your orders to


Our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end. Amit Kackrot and I gave it our all, but in the end we only reached 7 percent of our funding goal. Our funding was unsuccessful. There are many reasons why people felt it wasn't something that they wanted to support, however, 5,000 people saw the campaign. That means 5,000 seeds were planted- some will germinate and some will not, but if just one person decides to help save Asian Elephants from extinction, then it was all worth it.

Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform so the pledges that we did receive will not be collected and our backers will not be charged.

Amit and I want to thank our backers from the bottom of our hearts- thank you for supporting the cause. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Thank you for taking the time to create an account with Kickstarter. Thank you for believing in the cause.

I also want to take a moment to thank those who have been supportive by visiting the shop and buying Elephant Approved items or shopping online. Rest assured that 50% of sales from those items will go to World Land Trust and Wildlife Trust of India next week when we write our quarterly funding check. There would be no check without your support.

What will happen to our campaign to certify tea gardens that practice elephant certification? Petali Teas will continue to fund it and make sure that we meet our goals. The low level of support of this campaign is not a mandate that the cause is not important. 400 people lose their lives per year and 150 elephants die per year from retaliatory killings. Fixing this issue is important.

We've launched a KICKSTARTER campaign

Please visit and support our campaign. We have great rewards for your efforts. Together, we can make a difference and help save the Asian Elephant from extinction. Funds we raise will go to hire a field manager on location in India to administer tea garden certification, shipping back and forth to India, travel and participation in trade shows and a wildlife photographer for photojournalistic documentation.  For more information and a complete overview including our video story:


3 minute video from World Land Trust

This 3 minute video from World Land Trust gives some background on their campaign, a project we endorse and support at Elephant Approved, to widen an existing elephant corridor in India. The matching campaign is over, but you can still support their efforts by purchasing Elephant Approved products or by contributing directly to WLT/WTI, via the information included in this video -

*One additional bit of information regarding this and similar projects - work that benefits a keystone species or a flagship species generally benefits a wide range of other species as well, just as protecting a habitat protects wildlife in general. We've referred to this as an "Elephant Corridor" but this particular will benefit a broad array of wildlife species, including tigers.

(author: Harry Peachey)

Elephant Approved™

Elephant Approved™

We are very excited and passionate about our new initiative we have named Elephant Approved™.  To learn about this program, visit our Elephant Approved™ page on our website or simply read this blog entry- since it is so important to us, we have presented here in full!  We will present news and updates as they become available so stay tuned.  We hope you will feel as passionate as we do about this very vital situation!

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