Kuding Health Benefits


KudingWhat is Kuding? It’s not a tea, but actually made from the leaves of the holly category of ilex, t ilex or ligustrum. Ku means bitter in Chinese and ding means nail. It has been part of the Chinese diet in Southern China for 2000 years. Research has proven that it is a safe botanical to drink with no toxic side effects. The Chinese call it the Ginseng in the Teas and consider it a health tonic. Kuding is also called natural health tea, beauty tea, brain tonic, heart tonic or long life tea. It has no caffeine. Kuding is a very bitter botanical and takes a while to get used to. There is actually a sweet taste after the initial bitter taste so it is worth getting used to drinking. Each leaf is rolled into a stick or nail. Only one is needed to brew one cup of tea. Kuding can be brewed 2 times at 190 degrees for 1 minute. Any hotter and any longer will produce an unbearable flavor.

So, why put yourself through the kuding experience? It is used to ease pain and inflammation. It detoxifies the body and helps to reduce fat and blood pressure. It is also used for headache, eye illnesses, runny nose and helps to speed recovery from a cold. It is also effective for weight loss or maintenance.

Kuding is considered a Yin Herb and is used to reduced internal heat. It helps to invigorate the digestion system and promotes the secretion of saliva. Chinese believe it will get rid of grease in the stomach and reduce flatulence and heartburn.

Kuding contains 18 amino acids, water extraction, polyphenol, flavones, FAA, water soluble protein, water-soluble sugar, crude fat, vitamin C, B1,B2, E, K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, Se.