Lapacho Health Benefits

Deep in the heart of the rainforest is a tree called Pau d’arco or Lapacho. The Latin name is Tabebuia impetiginosa (a.k.a. T. avellanedae).  It is from the catalpa family. It is the inner lining of the bark that is harvested…it will regenerate quickly.  It is touted as a cure all and many people are skeptical of it for this reason- So, its greatness asset is its greatness weakness.  It has been said that lapacho is antiviral, antibacterial, used to treat leukemia, purifies the blood, anti tumor, helps to clear infections and arthritis- Also, antifungal so try on your houseplants and garden plants. Please note that there are no clinical studies on this botanical.  Information is based on history, folklore and cultural uses.

Here of are some links that give both positive and negative information on lapacho.

We don’t advocate drinking Lapacho for health reasons, but merely for the delicious taste.  Our Mystic Grapefruit is fresh and lively with pink grapefruit oil, eggplant flower, chrysanthemums and marigold petals.