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Petali Teas


3 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz packaging available

Natural Herbs

About Us


Petali Teas - Artisan Handcrafted Tea

Since 2001

Petali Teas is handcrafted - no machines are used to produce our tea blends. The style is artisan, using full tea leaves, fruits, nuts, barks, roots, and flower petals.  Our teas are made to order.  Always fresh. Just for you!


Joy, our founder, has been on a lifelong journey learning about plants and tea customs. She loves hiking through forest, fields, deserts and learning about biomes and symbiotic relationships in nature. Her gardens burst with flowers and herbs and delights in the help that she gets from her chickens who keep weeds and pests under control.

Joy selects vendors that share a common ethos, embracing diversity, fairness, integrity, bee safety, and with an understanding the importance of stewardship of nature.


We only have one Earth. It is paramount that we always make respectful decisions. We donate 100 % of our profits from the sales of products in the Elephant Approved® category to organizations committed to mitigating human and wildlife conflict and reforestation of degraded lands.


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Tea is not just a beverage, it's a way of life. At Petali Teas, we believe that the perfect cup of tea can brighten up your day and soothe your soul. ​

- Petali Teas -

Our Teas


Since 2001

At Petali Teas, we source our teas from the best tea gardens around the world. From the elephant lands of Arunachal Pradesh to the misty mountains of China, we bring you the finest teas that the world has to offer. Each of our teas is handpicked and carefully crafted to bring out its unique flavor and aroma.​

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