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When you see the Elephant Approved® label, you can be assured that the tea you are drinking has been grown by a tea garden that prioritizes elephant welfare and sustainable agriculture. 

At Elephant Approved®, we work with tea gardens that demonstrate high elephant activity in order to develop strategies to properly mitigate Human Elephant Conflict (HEC). We recognize those gardens which practice outstanding wildlife conservation methods through a certification program that verifies their adherence to a rigorous set of standards. 



Your support of Elephant Approved® allows us to certify more gardens and improve conditions for tea producers and elephants. 

Standards include criteria such as:

  1. The presence of Elephant Corridors where elephants can safely pass without disturbing workers or crops.

  2.  Warning Systems to communicate when and how many elephants have entered the garden.

  3.  Policies against the harassment of elephants.

  4.  Sustainable Management Policies such as those against littering and deforestation.

  5.  Systems of natural weed control, fertilization, and erosion management. 

And many more... 

Elephant Approved® encourages grower behavior which restores the natural balance of the land, such as reforestation efforts, clean water sources for wildlife, the development of sustainable food habitats for wildlife outside of the garden, and employee training programs for conservation. 

With several levels of certification, growers can also opt-in to receive continual conservation consultation and employee training to further improve HEC conditions in their garden. 

Our mission is to spread the Elephant Approved® label across North America and beyond, making consumers aware of the impact their tea has on the lives of others - both human and non-human. 

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